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Clinical research requires close co-operation between subject and investigator. At Coastal Metabolic Research Centre, Inc., we partner with pharmaceutical companies and patients to investigate the effectiveness of medications that are currently in development.

Most of the clinical trials that we oversee involve medications for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. However, we also conduct cardiovascular studies and occasionally investigate other metabolic disorders like Cushing’s Syndrome (excess cortisol levels) and Hyperkalemia (elevated potassium levels). We are in the process of expanding into other areas of medicine.

Personal Care
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Our staff is dedicated to your well-being. We work alongside your primary physician to monitor your health and safety. At CMRC we act as an additional resource in regards to the trial-related treatment of your chronic illness. We have the ability to commit quality time to our participants to ensure the best course of care is taken. We are here for you if you have any questions or concerns. Just stop in to see us! 


Our Mission
Dedicated Care

At Coastal Metabolic Research Centre, we believe that all participants are entitled to quality care. We investigate promising medications that may improve the quality of life of those living with chronic metabolic and other medical conditions. We strive to ensure the safety, privacy, and integrity of all our patients throughout the clinical trial process. Our actions are guided by the protocols set forth by the Sponsors and Ronald H. Chochinov M.D., Research Centre Director.

Our Experience Shows

Our skilled and experienced medical staff monitors your progress throughout our trials by testing HbA1c levels, drawing blood, and collecting urine samples that are shipped to the Sponsors’ Central Laboratories for analysis. Dr. Ronald H. Chochinov has practiced Endocrinology for 45 years, and he has acted as a Principal Investigator in various clinical trials since 2006. Our Clinical Study Coordinators come from various backgrounds, including medicine, phlebotomy, and emergency medical care.

We are currently enrolling patients!

We are currently enrolling patients for a number of  trials for chronic diseases of the endocrine system.

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